Dead Eyes



Compositor: Frade

Living dead
Running fast
Going anywhere
Many emotions
And desires
Maybe I've lost controls

Dark rooms
Bright powder
Shakin in my head
Who am I?
And who are you?
Who are my friends now?

I can't see the destructions
I feel my dead eyes

Corroded body
Black Face
Where os my soul now?
Chemical trash
Creates illusions
I'm trying to come back

There is salvation
There is a man
More than words
His Eyes seem to burn me
Please, take me back

I can't see the destruction
I feel my dead eyes

Tears in the night
Please, don't let me go
Fears in my heart
Only you can heal me

Don't you know
You just need me
Don't you know
You can call me
Don't you know
I come to you

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