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Hell's gate will never stop
The Dinasty of my Throne.
The fear from the enemies' hearts
Makes me receive the power from the Lord.

Just in a flash, the soldier had come
To take my life away.
The flash of my blade in their eyes
Announces my victory!!

Oh, Lord!! Mercy!!
The blood of the enemies
Belongs to Your Ark.
Time has proved, the power of Living God!!

Fight!! Fight for your life!!
You know, you need to fight,
To fight by the Hands of God!!
Fight!! Fight for the dreams
Of your people and so,
Your honor will shine!!

...And at the end, the Presence's Signal
Will decide the next war...
...And I will remain on the Green fields,
My everything is in my void...

The sacrifice is the law...
That lives in my soul!!
Evil falls by my sword,
On the conquest of this land!!

Oh, Lord!!...


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